Foods to Eat to Avoid Fatigue after a Workout and lose weight quickly

Nutrition walks hand in hand with exercise and each is incomplete without the cooperation of the other. When you feel hungry and listless after a workout then you should understand that it is your body signaling you that it needs food and nutrition. Trainers working in the fitness industry say that there are a lot of reasons as to why health snacks should be consumed after a workout and is also used and known as a one of the rapid weight loss techniques.

Learn what to eat in order to keep your physique in top shape.

Prepare a cinnamon and fruit snack

Intense workouts under the trained supervision of a personal trainer will help you attain your fitness goals but they are also likely to be exhausting. Your energy levels will not rise immediately after the workout if you do not replenish lost nutrients. The complex carb group present in brown bread and potassium in banana is a great combination for a fitness snack. For those who do want some flavor in their banana bread sandwich, try adding some cinnamon powder to it.

Prepare a grilled chicken salad

This is one of the most popular meal used during the 12 weeks body transformation. Protein should form he major chunk of your nutrition as it’s needed to repair muscle tears and build up the physique. Grilled chicken is one of the best sources of lean protein and so you can make up an interesting grilled chicken salad for yourself. Just cut some cubes of grilled chicken and top it with lettuce, jalapenoes, cucumber, tomatoes and zuchinni. Top with mustard sauce and yoghurt for a low calorie, fulfilling and balanced perfect post workout snack.

Quick yoghurt and nut combination

Try throwing in some nuts in a whole cup of yoghurt and then sprinkling sea salt on top. This snack is delicious and a quick energizer. Yoghurt has a soothing effect on the stomach and will help the queasy post exercise feelings to subside. If you are on a strict diet control regimen then replace the nuts in your snack with a handful of crunchy meuseli. Personal trainer recommends the yoghurt and nut snack as a top fatigue beater.

Berry smoothie

The child in you will be thrilled at having a smoothie prescribed as a post workout snack. Unlike the regular versions which are fat laden, the personal trainers in Sydney recommended smoothie brand is packed with antioxidants and low on calories. The berries like blue berry/ black berry/ straw berry/ raspberry are put in a blender and then whipped to a smooth consistency. Milk and a tea spoon of honey are added along with 23 ice cubes. The result is a super healthy smoothie which will help you fight off stress, tension and fatigue.

Slurp on a protein shake

If you are not the type to spend time over preparing snacks for yourself then protein shakes is the ultimate solution. There are a lot of brands in the market selling protein shakes and you can easily make your pick. However you need to contact your personal trainer in order to understand which type of protein shake will suit your body type and physiological requirements.

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