Why it is not Possible to Lose Weight without Working Out?

There are plenty of diet plans available to lose weight. They most certainly work in one way or the other, but relying on it completely to lose weight could be useless. Losing weight by only dieting and without working out is a myth. Scientists say that if you stick to low-calorie diet in order to lose weight, you shouldn’t bother about it unless you exercise along with it. If you’re looking to get fit (which you should), then you really should check out this group training company.

Regarding your diet – even having smaller portions of food at regular intervals do not help you lose weight if you don’t work out. It is impossible to lose weight without working out, and even if you manage it only by following a diet plan, say a detox diet plan, you will regain all the lost weight once you get back to your regular eating and drinking habits. Here are a few things you should be aware of:

Dieting Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight:
Shocking as it may sound, it is still true. Dieting helps, but only when combined with a good amount of physical exercise. And when you work out, you are burning those extra calories. Hence physical exercise is extremely important for weight loss, but – you should always seek the advice from a qualified fitness coach before commencing any type of training program. Also, there is a possibility that you eat back all the calories you have burned. Hence it is crucial to keep your exercise and diet in check. Going on a crash diet or a detox diet can make you feel lighter and fresher, but at the same time, you will have your energy and stamina reduced.

Then, your metabolism rate decreases drastically when you stop eating enough solid food. This in turn makes you gain weight. It is with no reason that health experts advise you to have a good breakfast, and then cut down in the afternoon and some more in the night. You need nutrients to burn the fat. Combined with good amount of exercise will help you reach your goal quickly.

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